We accelerate creation of superior performing organizations through Digital and AI

Welcome to Digital Sundai,

a Digital & AI consultancy firm. We believe that digital eats traditional business, making digital business based on AI technology an indispensable part of your business.

With over 25 years of experience in the field, we know how digital businesses operate differently – an agile, customer centric approach, bottom-up decision making and focus on innovation are at the heart of this new way of doing business.

At the same time we appreciate how difficult it can be for organizations and people to make the change to digital. We make sure both business and technology teams succeed in adopting this new way-of-working.

Our conviction lies in the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence, with a particular emphasis on GenAI and Machine Learning at scale. Join us at Digital Sundai in embracing AI & Advanced Analytics as the pivotal force to drive your transformation.

Our services

Digital Sundai masters transformation through AI & data technology, helping you to face digital and AI related challenges in different domains. Together, we can:

Improve business with AI

Digital Sundai helps clients to define and select the right AI & analytics projects. We facilitate creativity in our design sprint approach, and combine business insight with the AI & analytics art-of-the-possible based on your data. 

Implement a data product

Digital Sundai delivers AI projects using its own methodology to ensure successful outcomes, allowing diverse teams to collaborate effectively.

Build long lasting AI and data capabilities

Digital Sundai assesses and builds transformation roadmaps and partners with clients to help them grow their data & analytics capabilities at scale.

Read more about our services and the business questions we can address on our services page.

Our customers

Our Industries

Our favorite industries to accelerate the creation of superior performing organziations through Digital and AI are: manufacturing, retail and banking.

We believe that a multi-disciplinary team is key to connect business to machine learning & data. Digital Sundai employs its own resources and is part of a broad network which allows us to invoke top experts with different roles and a specific set of skills. We’d gladly explore what impact we can make together.


The manufacturing sector is under constant pressure to improve quality with increased productivity and reduced costs. AI and data analytics can provide actionable insights into how to work more efficiently in a variety of manufacturing operations, like supply chain, design team, production line, quality control, innovation and B2B sales. Have a look at our use cases to find out how AI can strengthen manufacturing processes.


Today’s retail visitors expect retailers to know them and to offer them services and products tailored to their needs. From enriched customer journey insights to efficiency in customer care: data-driven customer analysis and smart analytics can make it happen. Besides better customer experiences, AI is the perfect tool for efficiently improving general retail operations like e.g. replenishment, forecasting, logistics and dynamic pricing.


To meet customers’ rising expectations and beat competitive threats in the AI-powered digital era, banks need to offer propositions and experiences that are intelligent and personalised. They need to be optimized for operational efficiency through automation of manual tasks and perfectly-timed identification of moments on which clients make important financial decisions. Read on to find out how we can facilitate banking’s journeys of turning into an AI-first institution.

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