“From companies who just start exploring the role of data in their business, to those who are seeking a way to go the extra mile: Digital Sundai provides services to companies at all different stages of digital maturity.”

– Robin Zondag (founder)

We focus on three main service domains: shaping projects and journeys for improving business with AI, implementing a data product once opportunities have been identified, and building long-term capabilities for enduring digital success.

Improve business with AI

Typical customer questions we address are:
  • I want to make my business data driven. How do I do this and where do I start?
  • How do I turn existing data, data insights, predictive analytics and AI into better business?
  • What could be a first data & AI project to start with?
  • How do I get every person in my company on board of a digital transformation?
  • How can I account for risks and failures?

How do we improve business with AI?

Use cases
Apply an out-of-the-box way of thinking to devise, build and employ potential use cases

Road map
Discover and sketch your companies’ AI journey

Explore AI applications across sales, customer service and operations

Implement a data product

Typical customer questions we address are:
  • How do I build, deploy and scale a data product in my organization?
  • What data, insights and knowledge are needed for successful implementation?
  • How do I connect new AI tools with my traditional business applications?
  • How can I make sure every person in my organisation understands the new applications?
  • How do I ensure business continuity once the project people have left?

How do we deliver the data product?

Agile way of working
We use a scrum approach for the most efficient approach towards getting the job done: gathering input, ranking priorities, planning short sprints and continuously processing feedback and solving problems as they occur.

AI methodology
We use the Google Cloud machine learning approach to gather the right input for your machine learning model, managing data through stages of extraction, analysis and transformation.

Team skillsets
A multi-disciplinary team is key to connect business to machine learning & data. Digital Sundai employs its own resources and is part of a broad network, providing us with the opportunity to invoke top experts with different roles and a specific set of skills.

Tooling & technology
We strive to make collaboration and management as efficient and effective as possible, especially in a remote setting. Mastering tools like Slack, Jira Software and Mural allows for facilitating seamless collaboration. We focus on the Google Cloud Platform eco-system.

Examples of products we build

Chatbots & speech-to-text chatting

Optimize quick and accurate interaction with customers and outsource repetitive services through text recognition.

Text analytics

Machine Learning enables analysis of the structure and meaning of written text. Deriving information about persons, places and events leads to better insight into sentiments on social media channels and client conversations.

Cloud AutoML

Create and train your own Machine Learning models for accurate predictions and rapid performance, without needing extensive pre-knowledge to use the interface.

Build long lasting AI and data capabilities

Typical customer questions we address are:
  • How to improve my existing digital platform?
  • How do I get a return on this investment?
  • What are the biggest gaps between us and our direct competitors? How can we close them?
  • What kind of leadership is needed in a data driven company?
  • How can I create the right culture across my company and the right mindset among my employees?

Focus on six perspectives determining impact on analytical performance

1. Strategy & leadership Intertwine AI with long-term business strategy and spark the transformational leadership needed to move towards a digital strategy

2. Talent & culture
The digital competences and mindset needed, with a specific focus on innovation, collaboration and bottom-up decision-making

3. Data
Data and the rules and processes needed to manage and govern data, accessibility and quality of data and compliance & security.

4. Digital platform
All digital tools necessary for creating and implementing AI & analytics solutions including ML models, AI services, data pipelines, data warehouses and data lakes. Focussing on Google Cloud technologies.

5. AI & Analytics
All resources and processes to improve business with AI & analytics, from experts and project methodology to compliance, security and ethics. Digital Sundai makes sure all aspects are accounted for.

6. Services & Operation
Integrating AI driven performance in all aspects of services and operations within your business.

In a typical project we determine the starting point on the data maturity curve for these six perspectives, develop the strategy and roadmap needed to take the business to the next level, and support you to implement it.