Senior Big Data / ML engineer

Senior Big Data/ML engineer

What will be your impact?

AI/ML enables the creation of superior performing organizations. What these digital and AI/ML enabled organizations exactly look like is unknown. Innovation, creativity, perseverance and digital business & AI/ML technology craftsmanship will create them. We are looking for a senior big data / ML engineer that will push the boundaries for our customers. 

Your role

Your role as Senior Big Data/ML Engineer is to demonstrate clients the art-of-the-possible and apply AI/ML technologies to create business benefits. You will be working with clients to define their AI and Data roadmaps, improve their capability, but foremost you will be realizing and scaling their state-of-the-art cases. Use cases could be for example the introduction of voice enabled chatbots, text analytics to classify emails or documents, or a digital twin to reduce waste of a production process.

Typically you will apply data collection, scaling AI/ML models and building data pipelines while working in multidisciplinary teams. The Google Cloud Platform provides our preferred technology stack. Essential for success will be your seamless cooperation with the digital business consultants, data scientists and software engineers from Digital Sundai, our network partners and clients. Next to being a great engineer we expect you to be a strategic innovator of our services.


At Digital Sundai based out of Amsterdam. A young and ambitious start-up.

Digital Sundai strives to create superior organizations through Digital & AI. We believe Digital & AI projects only succeed when technology & business are both done right. We bring experienced digital business competence and top AI & Analytics expertise. Executed through our agile digital culture and methodology. Digital Sundai is a networked enterprise which only works with top digital talent & top digital partners. We are an Open company and an integral part of the Digital community with relations and access to the latest Business & Tech start-ups, scale-ups, academia, and established companies. Google Cloud is our preferred Technology ecosystem

Working in creative, agile teams, you’ll help clients discover, design and unlock the digital opportunity for their organizations. You’ll help them modernize their data and analytics environments, and apply next generation AI/ML technologies. These are technologies driven by the transformational impact of AI-enabled, automated processes and optimized through human-centered design.

What we offer

  • a fixed salary.
  • employee ownership of the company (shares) as we believe in entrepreneurship.
  • flexible working hours and the opportunity to work from home.
  • a good pension scheme.
  • 25 days of paid holiday annually, and the opportunity to purchase additional holiday days annually.
  • a 32- 40 hour working week.
  • the opportunity to take unpaid leave.
  • a good mobility policy allowing you to lease a car, use public transport or get reimbursed for travel costs.
  • a laptop and a phone,  which are also for personal use.
  • great growth opportunities. Depending on your ambitions and performance, you can grow your impact very fast, and reap the benefits as co-owner of the company.

What you offer

  • Academic Master Degree, preferably in Information Sciences, Data Science or Analytics. Additional experience at digital service providers is making you an even better fit.
  • >4-6 years of relevant experience as a Big Data / ML engineer with a track record of many successful AI/ML & Analytics implementations.
  • Digital technology savvy and with a passion for AI/ML & engineering. And you believe as us that this is the ultimate professional playground for years to come.
  • Ambition to gain Expert knowledge in leading AI & analytics tools such as Tensorflow, Hadoop, NoSQL, Kubeflow, and modern SW technology like docker and  CI/CD tools. Good working knowledge of Python and R.
  • GCP certification like Professional Data Engineer.
  • Experience in supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning approaches, designing and building data processing systems, designing, building and operating machine learning models and ensuring solution quality.
  • A digital business mindset 
  • You are ambitious, curious and entrepreneurial
  • You are a team player and you have a proven record functioning in multidisciplinary teams
  • Knowledge of Dutch and English