Next best client

Case In many organizations relationship managers need to select who they are going to contact to maintain the relation and/or upsell services. As by definition relationship managers’ time is limited so most organizations have more clients to contact than they can possible reach out to. The better the selection of clients, the more effective and efficient the sales organization can be.

Solution Collect ever more granular internal and external data on client preferences, transactions and e.g events. Ensure these data are both well protected and easy to access. Develop analytical models to predict which client best to contact next, and with what content. With the help of AI and data relationship managers can now make an informed decision on the Next best client.

Impact The efficiency of the sales force is increased as well as client satisfaction. Clients are much more often contacted when they are about to make a decision on continuining services or adding new ones.  With the advice of the AI model on the next best product not only the timing of the contact but also its content is more relevant.