Case Organizations receive many questions from customers, suppliers or their employees. Providing quickly meaningfull answers is important to maintain good relations with all stakeholders. Traditionally this required trained human agents to answer this stream of questions and requests. Today AI powered solutions can understand, answer and process the more routine oriented questions. The interaction is not just possible by text but can now also be done by speech.

Solution Implement a chatbot with Voice capabilities to be able to answer and process questions and requests 24hrs per day, and scale quickly when needed. Important is to implement and use the chatbot in the right way. Key topics are scoping the cases fit for a chatbot, training the chatbot with knowledge and conversations to create smooth interactions, connecting live agents for cases generally less fit to chatbots or upset customers,  and integrating the chatbot with the IT landscape for instant execution of requests. 

Impact Dependent on the type of organization the chatbot can significantly reduce the amount of effort needed to process questions and requests, deliver answers faster especially when demand is high and free agents to handle more complex questions. When done right chatbots will lower costs, improve customer satisfaction and enriche the work of agents. Adding interaction by Voice enlarges the impact tremendously as in a typical case 8 times more customers interact by voice than by chat.