Digital Sundai, pleased to meet you!

Let me introduce you…Digital Sundai

October 1st, 2019 is the day Digital Sundai opened for business. Based out of Amsterdam this new company strives to create superior performing organizations through digital and AI. 

Our believes

    • We believe Digital & AI only succeed when technology & business are both done right in an integral manner
      • We bring experienced digital business competence 
      • and top AI & Analytics expertise
      • Executed through our agile digital culture and methodology
    • Digital Sundai is a networked enterprise which only works with top digital talent & top digital partners
    • We are an Open company and an integral part of the Digital community with relations and access to the latest Business & Tech start-ups, scale-ups academia, and established companies
    • Google Cloud is our preferred Technology ecosystem
    • We support the society we live in

Our contribution to your business

Digital Sundai offers AI solutions and consultancy to improve your business. Call us when:

  • Your sales, customer service or operations do not use AI yet. We will help you define how and how much your business can be improved 
  • You have ideas on how AI could improve your business but need to validate and sharpen those ideas and turn them into a robust roadmap
  • You have a clear AI use case and need to get it built, implemented and used in your business
  • You plan to use Google Cloud AI & analytics to realize your AI project
  • You would like to improve your capability to use AI and digital to improve your business

What we bring to the table

Digital Sundai brings AI solutions and accelerators, methodologies, and digital & AI expertise.  Our own or partner AI solutions & accelerators increase speed and de-risk the implementation of AI use case. Digital Sundai is committed to expanding the offered AI solutions and accelerators.

Born in the digital age Digital Sundai is designed as a modern consultancy. We use digital & AI as much for our own operation as for our customers. Key difference with traditional consultancies is the focus on our network. We believe that by applying a clear, rigid and  agile methodology we are able to integrate the best experts and partners in our projects, regardless whether they are employed by Digital Sundai or not. A typical project is staffed by Digital Sundai employees, first ring resources and partners, and flexible resources from digital platforms like UPWORK. Our skills are digital business, AI & analytics and data engineering on the Google Cloud platform.

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